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Taking 30 Gallon to the next level!


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Hey there, just wanted any outside advice on taking my tank to the next level. I recently upgraded a 8 gallon biocube that was running solid for a little over one year to the Innovative Marine 30 gallon. It has now been up and running smoothly for about 3 months with great success. I'm running a Kessil 150W for lighting (10 hrs on) with a MP10 pump (reefcrest mode). I also converted one side of the return boxes into a refugium using the JBJ nano led light. There's about an inch of live sand with chaeto in the refugium running reverse lighting. As for livestock, Clarky clown, green mandarin (constant adding of Copepods), fairy wrasse, and two blue chromis. There is 30 lbs of live rock with a few sps up top, Duncan's, yellow polyps, Xenia, slipper plate, candy's, finger leathers, etc. (stayed away from adding a anenome) I do weekly 5% water changes, and 10-15% water changes every 2-3 weeks. Water parameters are checked regularly for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, and pH. Salinity is at 1.026 and temp at a constant 78.


My question to you is what can I do get my tank to the next level? I still haven't figured a sleek simple moonlight setup, also what about an ATO? I have also been talking with the LFS about the difference of adding a second MP10 for the best wave simulation. I really enjoyed this new tank but want it to get to that top knotch quality. I've tried to get pictures but it's a little difficult with the Kessil light. (maybe a nice camera should be the next purchase)


Thanks for all the help!!

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