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Black Island


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This tank is not new but I just changed it and this is what I came up with. Still need works as equipment needs to be hidden and needs more sps. The main feature is the black mangrove I've had now for two years.Also it's skimmerless and sumpless all i have is a canister filter,heater and two maxijets(mp10's soon)-lighting is 250w 10k reeflux-Leds multi-chip on the way(pics to come).Also I originally broke it down but a week later i set it back up :happy: I don't come as often now a days but I'll try and update as I go.


This is the black mangrove growing in clay/mud on top of the rocks



I have a couple red mangrove as well but they will be going in another tank



You can see my vivarium in the background



crazy pneumatophore 6" growing out of the mud-don't mind the zip-tie



the tree top



The few corals I have in right now




FTS to come once I get it clean up a bit

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