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Thinking of selling tank and livestock help with pricing

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Hi. I have had this tank setup since December and it has been fun but I also have 2 planted tanks and now that is is getting warm my boat is in the water and thats all I want to do. I don't feel I have the time or patience to put into this tank. I had high hopes I would enjoy it and I have but just not enough. I feel I will begin to neglect it and don't want to do that. So I need help on pricing for either the whole thing or piecing out the coral's.


Tank is a JBJ 28 hqi with two 15watt actinics built in, about 30 pounds of live rock, finnex hob fuge with cheato in it, koralia nano, 100 watt heater, JBJ nano glow, brand new Phoenix 14k bulb.


Corals are from what I can remember are Candy cane with 8 heads, Green Duncan about 14 heads, Purple Duncan 3 heads, Blasto 3 heads, Acan 3 heads, 2 birds nest's, Pink Goniopora, Electric Slide Chalice, Monti Undata, Porites, Green Stylophora, Green Hornet Pavona, some different zoas, couple polyps, Riccordias and I am sure I am missing a few names.


Any help in pricing on corals would be great. Not sure what they are worth. I don't want to ship if possible but will just have never done it before. I am keeping the mp10 right now. I think my Rainbow fish tank would love it.


I have not 100% decided on selling everything off but will decide in about a week.


more pics




















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