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Anemone for pair of clowns?

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Ive got a pair of Picasso's that I want to get a host anemone for. What would be the best one to get them? I dont want an agressive one that will go barreling through my reef until it finds its sweet spot. I have allot of live rock and corals so there's not much roaming room. Ive already got a fleet of snails that go around knocking over everything thats not glued down as it is. Lol!

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All anemones move around so if your tank really is that packed, I wouldn't get one. Also, not all clowns host and tank bred ones are even less likely to. If you still want one, you can google what species of anemones perculas are most likely to host and pick the one that suits you best.

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True perculas will host in BTAs and in sebaes, I have had three separate ones that each have (they were all tank-raised).

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