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JBJ 24 vs 28

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I'm just beginning to get up and running with my new hobby and getting excited. I've settled on a JBJ AIO system, I just cant seem to decide whether to get a 24 or 28g system.


I found a 24g for $130 and the cheapest 28g I could find was $200-250. What are the major differences in the 24 and 28? Is it worth it for the 4 extra gallons to pay $100 more?

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I just installed a JBJ 24 and love it, but had I had the footprint room for a 28, it would have been my choice. There is no appreciable difference in them other than volume. As a new hobbyist, if you get hooked you will soon be thinking about going bigger...might as well get the largest you're comfortable with now. That extra volume also will help some as you learn to stabilize water parameters. It sounds like cost is a strong decision point for you. Be aware that as you move forward, $100 dollars is VERY minor compared to what you are likey to end up spending. You'll probably kill at least that much as you learn the do's and dont's. That 4 gals is forever, many coral and fish certainly are not.

Enjoy your new hobby.

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I have a 28g NanoCube and IMO, the difference in size does matter. It's almost a 20% increase in size. This is important as having a nano requires you to maintain parameters very closely, as the size of the tank has little water volume in contrast to regular sized tanks and therefore can suffer dramatic swings in water conditions quicker.

Generally, the rule in aquarium selection is to purchase the largest, most efficient tank you can afford according to the space available to house the new tank. So, I would definitely go with the 28g size instead. Also, there's no significant difference, if any, in the costs associated with adding similar equipment if you choose such as a controller, led lighting, skimmer, maintenance supplies, powerheads, live rock etc. Lastly, having that extra 4 gallons might be just enough space left as your tank grows that you may add that "extra" coral, invert or fish!

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Both aquariums are great for nano reefing. I would go for the NC24 because money you save here can be used for other equipments if $ is an issue and you have a set budget. So i would go for NC24 because i prefer to spend my money on other equipments. Both aquariums are just as good though.

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