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Zeovit reactor inside a Tunze filter

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black hose

4 x L brakets

1 x T braket

1 x two-little-fish valve

1 x empty 300g bottle of seachem reef builder (heatgun it to remove the label and to give it a proper shape).


I drilled the filter but if you are a wuss and wish to preserve the german craftsmanship, I'm sure you will find a way around it.


The filter's output is split in 2. One flow returns via a loop of hoses & L brackets in the filter (requires drilling the filter...OMG) above the zeovit reactor or box or whatever you want to call it and it's adjusted by a two-little-fish valve mounted under the filer for easy access and low profile.


The "reactor" is made of a plastic bottle that was heated until I was able to fit it inside the filter. Make sure, the top part of the reactor is above the filter's water level, so only the redirected flow and the proper amount of water enters the reactor. If you care enough, you can even put the filter's cap back in the original place.


On the bottom of the bottle I drilled many holes, smaller than the smallest zeovit rock.

My reactor can accomodate the zeovit amount recommended for 10-12 gallons and there is enough space left in the filter for a carbon bag, a pH sensor, temp sensor.


The reactor can be easily removed, but it's a pain to shake it. On top of that I'm too lazy, so I empty and refill it with zeovit (same zeovits) every 3-4 days. It's been working fine for me for the past 1-2 months.


In the next picture you can see the TLF valve under the filter, behind a small rock and a sponge.



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