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Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit

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I recently acquired a Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit that tests for Ca, KH, & MG. I am wondering where my levels should be. I have a biocube 29 with fish and zoas... I did my first test yesterday and not sure what to make of the numbers. I understand the booklet recommends certain numbers but I also understand that people like to have their take at different numbers for certain reasons. Any feedback would be appreciated as this is my first time using this kit.



Titrant used (ml) = 0.64


meq/L = 3.2 dkH = 9.0



Titrant used (ml) = 9.0

Calcium Level (ppm) = 450



Titrant used (ml) = 0.70

Magnesium Level (ppm) = 1400


Also, some of my levels may or may not be slightly high since today is the day I do my water change and these tests were performed yesterday.


My question is in two parts:

1) where should I want my numbers to be

2) how do I get them there if they are too high/low?

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I use the numbers red sea suggested. 1390mag, 465calc. 12.6dkh

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I find dKh around 11-12 works for me. 8 or 9 dKh does not allow LPS/SPS growth to happen if using two part and your pH is on the lower side. If you dose kalk I think 8-9 dkh might be fine assuming your pH is 8.3-8.4.

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dont you run a much higher chance of having "burnt" tips in sps with dkh higher than 9? 12.6 seems really high, but i think ultimately stability is much more important than any certain number. A STABLE dkh of 7 is gonna be generally better than a dkh that swings from say 9 to 12 regularly. SPS don't like alk swings, thats for sure.

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I don't have a problem with my sps....stability is key. You'll only notice burns if you can't keep your ph stable at 8.2+ causing the alk to precipitate out.

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