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20 gallon fresh stock

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I finally went to the jetty yesterday to look for livestock after a few cuts and scrapes I managed to get a bunch of macro algae, a few sponge colonies, a medium sized urchin, I think 2 large flower anemones (they haven't fully opened yet), and my prized possessions now I managed to capture 2 small gobies all though I have yet to identify them specifically. There were a few sea slugs but I removed them from the tank. Pics to be posted later I left the lights off so everything would acclimate better.

Just a few questions though..

1) by adding all of those creatures will my tank do a mini-cycle that would potentially kill my livestock? I am planning on doing 25% waterchanges every other day for the first 2 weeks then back to once a week.

2) could you predict the survival rate for the baby gobies?

3) and why is my urching staying only on the glass? I have heard that they prefer to hide when they are first introduced?

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