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Observed some weird activity in my tank - any idea whats going on.

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I try to enjoy my tank and sit there looking at it for a couple hours a day.

-2 clown fish, one bigger one smaller and a yellow watchman goby.


-goby hangs out by this rock, the two clowns swim by him he puffs up his gills and mouth and charges the clowns. Other time they swim by and he does nothing.


-bigger clown "bites" / "attacks" smaller clown. Smaller clown swims next to bigger clown and shakes its whole body - does it again, does it again. Now they are back to swimming around doing nothing.

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+1 normal stuff


awesome - she is bigger then him , i thought that might have been whats going on but wasnt 100%


so whats with the goby

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its just being territorial. I used to have a YWG and the YWG we have at the store is territorial towards the clown and blenny that's in the tank with it

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my ymg does the same thing. if the clowns loiter in his area to long then they get bit. hes pretty fearless considering the clown that usually gets bit is probably 4 or 5 times his size.


edit: watching my goby over the last 10 min hes bit the clown twice. both times the clown darted back to his coral and sulked.

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stop acting like a lounge rat md.

hey, its true, when pairs pair, its instinct that they mate

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