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NVR's 2nd Open Frag Swap - April 28th, 2012

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Where: Van Buskirk Community Center

734 Houston Ave

Stockton, CA 95207

When: Saturday, April 28 12-4pm,

Registration: 12:00-12:45pm

Swapping: 1:00pm until we run out of corals

Cost: $5 entry fee* + 3 coral frags or $20 if buy-in if you don’t have corals to swap.*

* Entry fee helps cover the cost of renting the room, extra money made from entry fees goes toward buying more raffle prizes.

Why: Sharing the brightly colored stick, squishy, or poisonous things we all love to stare at.



anyone gonna make it???

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anyone?? gonna be a great swap and crazy raffle.

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(1) Pair of Premium Black Ice Snowflake clownfish

(2) $25 Gift Certificates donated by Air, Water, & Ice

(5) Frozen food variety packs donated by Rod’s Food

(1) BRS Reactor with ½ gallon of GFO donated by Bulk Reef Supply

(1) $25 Gift Certificate donated by Dr. Fosters and Smith

(1) Smaller bucket of AquaVitro Salt, makes up to 120 gallons, donated by Aquatic Collection

(1) Reef Tec 5000 Return Pump donated by Tropical Haven

(1) MR-8, and (2) 20 ct bags of Micro Plugs donated by The Alternative Reef

Here's what the MR-8 looks like

(1) Par30 LED sump light bulb

Get Pumped Corals - 3" Aquacultured Efflorescens Acropora, 2" Aquacultured Echino, 50+ Head Australian Blasto Merletti, 4- 6+ Head Each Acan Lords

250ml bottle of Brightwells Replenish, Iodion, Zooplanktos-M, Reef Code A & B, Phytochrome, and Magnesium

Reef Nutrition and APBreed goodies

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