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Treating red bugs in Pipefish tank

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So I have ran into quite the situation. Currently my tank is stocked with something like 15 different varieties of SPS corals. Yesterday I came home to discover I have what looks like an infestation of red bugs on a few select colonies of coral, and it kind of explains why their PE and overall growth have been bad. I pulled out some coral revive and dipped them all in it for fifteen minutes, shooting them with jets of water with a syringe periodically. This seemed to knock out a good section of the population, however I highly doubt they're all gone. My first thoughts were to treat the tank with intercept, not such a big deal. However I came to find out that intercept will take out the majority of my hard earned microfauna population.


This wouldn't be such a big deal either, however I have been keeping both a Blue Striped Pipefish and a Flaming Prawn Goby for well over a year with zero direct feedings. I keep a large refugium and around 40 pounds of LR in my 20g system, I previously worked at a reef shop and regularly seeded my tank from their large refugiums which was a gold mine of activity. I also have probably 1000 baby brittle stars.


So I have a pretty strong and diverse microfauna population that isn't something I'd like to give up. I would directly feed them, but both animals are very finicky eaters, I see the goby once a month, and I don't think I could meet the demands of the pipefish day-to-day. So I'm here now hoping that somebody might have had experience with this, or might have a plan of attack that can effectively kill them, anything that is an alternative to intercept really.

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