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Please help to Identify this

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My husband and I recently set up a 75 gallon salt water tank. It is still going through its cycling process after 3 weeks. The live rock was purchased from the Gulf of Mexico and has live plant growth, clams and some corals. Last night we noticed this "creature" and we are not sure what it is.


I have attached the best picture I was able to get. As far as I can tell it has 14 "tenacle-like" arms.





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aiptasia, pest. kill it asap


Thank you. What is the best way to get rid of it since we don't have any fish in the tank?

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peppermint shrimp eat em or aiptasia eating file fish if your tank is ready for those. If not you can take some reef putty and make it retract and cover it.. Its likely however that you have a ton more that will come out since the gulf rock is notorious for aiptasia.

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You can use a syringe and inject lemon juice into the anemone. Usually you can eradicate the single anemone on the first shot.

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