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Cheato Lighting

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Yeah that should be fine. I wouldn't place it directly above the water's surface though...

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I use the Lowe's brand of 6500K CFL lamps on my chameleon cages for keeping the plants alive in the cage. They work GREAT. I imagine they will work well for the chaeto as well. I get plants growing to the light as if to wrap around and hug the lamp. I have to trim my cages back often.

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I have the 10 watt underwater light and wouldn't recommend it. It heates my tank up. When I run the light, only about 6-7 hours at nigh, my tank never drops below 80, and hits 82 during the day. Without the light it hits 80 during the day and will drop to 77-78 at night. If you have another way to cool the tank then it might not be an issue.

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