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Extension Tube for Olympus e500

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I don't want to buy a macro lens, and was thinking of trying out an extension tube for my olympus e500.


Can anyone tell me why I would buy the olympus one for $100, as opposed to this generic one for $10?


I'm assuming the auto-control features still work on the Olympus and not the generic? If I'm planning on doing manual focus/etc, does this matter? Thanks. I really know nothing about all this.

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Bought the generic one. It is basically useless for aquarium photography. This should have been obvious, but I didn't thnk about it: it allows no control of the aperture, which is all electronic. I got a decent macro of something under normal lighting situations, but for aquarium photos, this is isn't really an option. At least it was only $16 shipped. I may get the olympus one at some point.

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If anyone cares, this is the one shot I used the tube for that was under noemal lighting. This is a small (1.5")xmas decoration.



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