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Props to John at Advance Acrylics!

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So I just got back from meeting John at Advance Acrylics and picking up my new custom sump and ATO reservoir. The quality of his product is Topnotch. I've seen his builds online, but I have never really had the chance to check out his work in person. After getting everything home and inspecting everything, I am 200% satisfied with the product and the service John provided...I really couldn't ask for anything more. As I mentioned before, not only is the product topnotch and amazing, but his customer service was excellent as well. He answered all my questions and was very helpful throughout the design process and making sure everything was going to fit my needs. He even made some really good suggestions and added some great upgrades at no extra cost. He also responded to all my emails/text/calls, quickly, at all hours of the day and night.


With all this said, I am in no way affiliated with John or Advance Acrylics in any way. I am just a VERY satisifed customer who feels the need to spread the word on a great product and vendor.


John, another big Thank You for all your help and for hooking me up with an awesome product. You have a customer for life.







The dimensions of the sump are 30"Lx20W"x18"H using 3/8" acrylic. The design is Fuge/Return/Skimmer intake. As you can see, he used black acrylic for the baffles, filter sock, and bubble traps. All seems are perfect and he rounded and polished the corners.








He also built me a separate ATO reservoir. 15"Lx5W"x18"H, 1/4" thick (approx. 5.5gal.). He built it with a nice looking black top and hinged door.



The obligatory pet shot...



I love the way everything came out, very clean and slick looking. It's a shame this stuff is going to be hidden by my cabinet! If anyone has any questions, just let me know. I'll be creating a thread on my build process once I acquire a few more items. Stay Tuned... :lol:

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Makes me want a sump, it looks so cleAn an well put together. That ato is awesome. Do you mind I'd I ask how much for everything?

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Makes me want a sump, it looks so cleAn an well put together. That ato is awesome. Do you mind I'd I ask how much for everything?



The pictures really do not do it justice. Looks great in person. I cant stop staring at it. My wife thinks I'm nuts...lol.


As for the cost, it would be best to get a quote directly from John. I dont want to randomly start spewing out prices since he really did got above and beyond for me. If you want his contact info, just shoot me a PM.



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Woot! This makes me even more excited for my tank coming in tomorrow. Hurray for John!!!!!

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He has superb craftsmanship. Definitely going to have him build my sump for my next build.

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