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Pacific East Aquaculture (Dr.Mac)(Review)

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I started looking through the WYSIWYG & I was drooling. I was talking to a friend & he was down to place the order with me. I ordered online last Thursday & Becky called me 5 minutes later. She verified everything & we set a ship date of Monday. We got 40% off, $25 off for over $150, & $15.99 ground 1 day shipping. I received the package that was extremely well packaged. It was styrofoamed all around, packing peanuts, large plastic bag around all the individual bags, & 2 heat packs. Each coral was individually wrapped with 3 bags.. Becky called me later in the day to see how everything went & if I had any questions. I am very pleased with how everything turned out.


I know, I know, pictures. I only took a few because I used my camera phone. Obviously you can't capture the true colors. I'll have to have my friend come over with a real camera.


People Eater Palys



Galaxy Knockouts



Sky Blue Zoa(doesn't show the color in this picture at all)


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