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AquaC Remora Nano Skimmer for my 28 NC

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Wow, a skimmer that actually fits my 28 Nano Cube! I didn't have to pull a MacGyver on it nor my tank either. Yes, it is a little noisy right now. But it's has silence some. The skim is also getting darker. I like!


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I love mine. I have a mag 700 with a taller collection cup hanging in my sump . It is loud as hell though.

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Ive had mine for 2 weeks. It was producing lot of micro bubbles for the first week and a half into my tank and then it got better which I assumed it was breaking in. As they said it would. Now its spueing in micro bubbles again. I even tried putting a square of sponge in the return chamber just under the outlet lip to try and filter some out.


Any ideas?

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