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Ok I went and did it.... I ordered the Marineland 30x30x18 70g cube. It should be here Tuesday with the stand. I've been planning this system for a while and come up with the reef octopuss 6" classic in sump skimmer with custom sump (no refugium at this time) out of a standard 20g high aquarium. Sump will hold a 4" filter sock, skimmer, phosban reactor currently running carbon, heater, return pump(thinking a mag7 but looking for input here) and my ato.


The light showed up Tuesday from fragtasticreef, a single ai sol blue, which is now above my BC29 HQI with the glass top removed. I might have to add a second unit but that's has been planned for when I built the frame hanging the light. So far everyone seems ok with the switch to LEDs but I've only got them at 17/15/15 about 8" off the water so I will ramp them up more once I get them moved.


Skimmer arrived yesterday, Friday and the weekend that I have off :0) so last night I worked on the sump playing with different sized sections and water routes, I have it all siliconed and will run done water through it tomorrow and see if I really do like it. Pics to follow.


This is my first build that I will be putting up here step by step so feel free to give your thoughts and opinions as they are welcomed. :0)

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So after 6 weeks the tank is still not in....


But hey I have the sump done, RO/DI ATO setup, and all in place and operating so all I have to do is swap the two tanks when it gets here :0)



Skimmer in sump working great.



New RO/DI from "Thefilterguys" Which being in retail myself was extremely pleased with their order process and was able to pick it up right off the production table!!



Here is the BC29 FTS with everything in place just waiting on the tank.

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The 93 cubes are nice. You'll like it. I got mine when I downsized and was skeptical about it since it was smaller, but I really like it. It's a great size, and the dimensions fit the available space perfectly.

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