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PCs - How far to mount above water level?


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I'm working on a custom canopy for a 10 gallon tank, and purchased AH's 2x36 kit. Question - how far off the water level do I want to mount the PCs? (Need to know how tall to make the canopy. I plan on having mostly corals in my tank - maybe a damsel)



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as close as you can actually. you lose light intensity exponentially as you move away from the object/livestock. (twice as far equals a FOURTH of the light received) that's why on deep tanks you really need the light output of a mh.


i have my pc's and vho's buttup against the glass. (damn the temp! that's what ac and fans and chillers are for!) :P


if the temp increase bothers you add a couple of slivers of plastic at the ends of the canopy to allow air/heat circulation. good luck!

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