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BC 29 tunze skimmer and media basket

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Am I doing something wrong? I can't seem to get the water level in chamber 2 high enough to run my Tunze skimmer. Skimmer works fine with the media basket in place untill I put chemipure, purigan, and floss in. Then the water level is 1/2 inch below the top of the media basket but 2 inches below that point in the chamber. I assume the media is slowing flow and causing the water level difference.


I have the skimmer placed as low ad possible with the media basket but the water level won't allow for a good skim. I am considering a hydro slim skim in chamber 1 but like the Tunze with large collection cup.


What am I doing wrong. I want this to work.

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wouldn't the water in the basket be higher no matter what because of the contents within?

the water level is always lower outside of the basket in my chamber 2. i like to keep the water level just under the little hole in the wall between chambers 2 + 3.

the only issue i've had with the mediabasket and water level is when the filter floss clogs up. other than that have u checked to make sure your chemipure bag is hanging and not blocking the flow?

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Chemipure is hanging, do people remove any of the media from the bag? It is a tight fit in there. The only way I see to get the water level high enough for the skimmer is to overflow the media basket. Is that how people run thier media?

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Simply add water to the rear chamber. Bring the water level up so that it is about 1/2 below the water level line of the skimmer.

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Also if you don't already have one, think about getting an ATO. The Tunze really needs stable water levels. I was amazed at how much evaporation takes place daily.

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