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custom tank or red sea max?


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Im thinking about upgrading from a biocube 29 hqi to a red sea max 250 or getting one some what custom. what do you guys think about the RSM 250 compared to making one?


the tank is in my bedroom so noisy is my top concern.


any advice would be helpful! especially from those who have a RSM 250

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custom tanks with a sump are louder then the AIO tanks no? thats the only reason why i wouldnt want a sump setup because the noise. remember this is in my bedroom.


the space i have is about 38x20x55. also as much as i love rimless tanks the light will most likely bother my eyes when im watching tv. i have a small towel over my HQI to keep some of that light from hitting my eyes


here a picture of the space im working with back when i first upgraded to the 29g HQI and here you can see the light is directly in my eyes


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