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16g (60l) Marinus Nano Cube


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Just received my 16g (60l) Marinus Nano Cube all-in-one pack that I ordered from fishandshop.com in France. Just made the leakage test and now planning to set everything up the coming week.


Also got a water purifier as the tap water here is pretty bad (Will be interesting to make the first 16g of water in my two small buckets).


Things left to fix:

- Get an aquarium table, had originally ordered the smaller version but was positively surprised when the 16g arrived :)

- Searching inspiration for rockscaping





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Nice cube. What equipment and live stock do you plan using and adding?


Thanks Criley7,


Here's my equipment:

  • Marinus Nano Cube 60l (16g)
  • Dennerle Bio-circulator 4-in-1 with surface skimmer, took off the foam filter
  • Dennerle 100w heater
  • Dennerle 10K 36w lights
  • Extra powerhead


Basically I've just got one of these all-in-one boxes but it seems pretty nice so far. I really like the shape of the cube.


Here's a few pics of my rockscape and the first day with water... struggling with getting the salinity level correct though. Won't be adding any live stock for the next month or two. I'm doing it the wrong way, probably like most newbies, setting it up first and figuring out what to put in it later.



















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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm now just over two weeks into the setup, brown algae bloom started 3 days ago. had to get a refractometer as the floating densimeter was so inaccurate.


Shall I wait another two weeks for the clean-up crew? Still waiting for my water test kit so I've yet no idea about the water parameters.







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  • 1 month later...

It's been a month and a half since I setup my 16g Nano Cube now. The worst of the cycling is over and I've got a small clean up crew in to take care of the green algea.


I got a lovely little blue legged hermit that I like very much:




My crab moulted a few days ago, thought it was a dead crab on the sea bed.




My Candy Cane LPS that I got yesterday. Not fixed it to the rock yet, trying find out where it will best like it.




I'm still running with no filtration just two power heads, live rock and weekly 10% water exchange, so far so good.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm now a couple of months into my first nano reef. Seems like I'm going through a second wave of brown diatoms. Water levels are fine so I'm not too worried about that but it looks and smells bad. Coraline growing like mad everywhere.


I've added a plethora of snails, too many to count. Unfortunately the hermits and my shrimp seems to feed on them and have already killed a couple. I've also put in a red starfish and an orange sponge.









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Looking good so far... Good luck with the starfish, those type of species usually don't last long in tanks, but some people have had success...

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  • 4 months later...
Looking good so far... Good luck with the starfish, those type of species usually don't last long in tanks, but some people have had success...


You were right, he lasted 3 weeks :(



Nice tank, but... a sponge requires pretty intensive care and special feedings. Are you up for the challenge?


No, sponge died :(



Here's an updated on my tank. Just got my first fish, 2 small clowns. Also added two softies and a feather.



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