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Cultivated Reef A+

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I was looking for a few different things, so went through the sponsors forum for ideas. I had never heard of Cultivatd Reef before, but decided to give them a try. Boy am I glad I did.


First, I got an email asking if they could delay shipment because they just cut new duncan frags and wanted to let them heal. A+ on concern for livestock.


Got shipping confirmation and fedex update emails. Corals arrived in a mini styrofoam cooler with heat pack, each frag packed in two vacuum sealed baggies. No lost space, no leaks, no slimy water. A++ on packaging.


And the corals look great! Duncans and blue sympodium haven't opened yet, but are getting there.


Pink polyped monti cap:



And the plate coral I can't stop staring at:



Overall a really good experience. Will be ordering from them again.

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i'm meeting Greg in person friday to grab some frags :) Our club does group buys with him from time to time. I've had great luck with his livestock. I grabbed a blood challice, two rics and a nice lime green acro from him and they are all doing great!

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This is a couple of weeks over due, but I placed a second order with Cultivated Reef and am just as happy as the first time. Definitely recommend them!


The stuff I can't get a good picture of - very generous frag of blue clove polyps, blue sympodium (which I did not kill by placing badly this time) and a very cool branching montipora, that isn't too happy with my LEDs yet.


I also got an acan frag pack, and Greg picked out some pretty nice pieces for me. Colors are way better in person.


#1 - really bright neon green centers



#2 - nice orange



#3 - nice purple with cool purple and orange centers



#4 - redish with blue stripes




As last time, packaging was amazing. Everything came in in great shape and opened up quickly. And the best customer-seller contact I've ever seen. I mean, who else but Greg emails you to make sure everything got in ok?

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I just got an order in from them today as well. Aren't these guys the best?! I'm really happy with the frags I got. And the customer service was top notch. Glad you had the same experience!


Btw your corals look fantastic!

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I'm so glad to see these guys getting some great feedback. I did an order from them last week and couldn't be happier. Shipped just as you explained and Greg completely hooked me up. All the corals looked great, the neon candy cane had two heads instead of one, and the 5+ heads of whammin watermelon is really like 15 polyps haha.


Bottom line is I would recommend these guys to anyone.

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I just placed my third order with them.


I will do so again. I am most impressed with the customer service - I have ordered from several other "sponsors" on here and Greg is by far the most attentive. They were out of something that had gone through on my order and he worked with me on a substitute and threw in a nice bonus! Nice to deal with for sure!!!

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