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Stuck on Live Rock


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ok, well my finalized tank is:


50W Ebo jager

1 Minijet 404 and 1 606

2x32 Watt PC Light from PSL

but..... I plan on ordering my LR in the next week and I'm kinda stuck on who to order from. I got price quotes from Dr. Mac and gulfview, and both are in the same range, so thats not really a factor. I was just wondering if you guys had anything that could make me sway to one over the other. Obviously both have great rock. Just looking for any suggestions.

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I'd take rock that comes from the pacific over Florida rock any day of the week--it's less dense and doesn't have as many pests.



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it looks like Gulf-View have pretty interesting and cool LR..i would get from them..or else..just get some from an established tank..look into your local recycler..some people sells those for dirt cheap..i am thinking about buying 140lbs Fiji for $100 and just leave it in a tub to sell slowly..haha..

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Man, if someone is dead stuck between an aquacultured rock and a harvested rock, I can't beleive people would recommend the harvested rock.


Get the Gulf View. You're not contributing to the destruction of the reefs that you admire so much.

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Besides, Gulf-View uses fairly lightweight rock compared to some of the other aquacultured Florida rock. Also, since there's a LOT less time spent in shipping, it should have better stuff on it.


I live close enough to Harbor Aquatics that I drove over there and bought mine ($4/lb). But if I had to order online, I'd get it from Gulf-View or Harbor.

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I don't see any reason to pay the extra money for the deco rock. I'd stick with the coraline rock. I think you'll be surprised how many ltitle thigns come out of it anyway.

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Probably 20 or 30, depending on the pieces and shipping costs. Email or call Dale at Gulf-View and tell him what you've got for a setup.

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