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The demise of my true percula...


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Some bad news. The true percula packed it in this morning. Just as I was getting ready to go to work, I noticed a lot of Velvet all over it's body. Then, after looking at me for a while, it started swimming erratically and sunk to the bottom. I watched it die. It seem like it was wanting to see me b4 it passed on to the other world.


The maroon has a few spots in the mornings but gradually disappears as the day progresses. The hawk does have any spots on it's body but is swimming around in a strange fashion. But it could be it's own animated personality.


I have not see the chromis for 2 days now. After I removed babyface, I remove to rocks and tried to flush it hoping to get the chromis out but to no avail.


He is probably dead in on of the caves. What do I do?

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aside from the current difficulties...


Get (and read) a few books. Michael Paletta's The New Marine Aquarium, for a starter book, then John Tullock's Natural Reef Aquariums for the reef aspect and Robert Fenner's The Conscientious Marine Aquarist for the fish aspect of sw tankkeeping. These books will pay for themselves -- following their advice will help keep you from making too many bad decisions concerning hardware and livestock. And when you do make the bad decisions, they'll help you deal with those, too.


If you can't afford all of them, get them from your local library. If your local library branch doesn't have them, they can probably get them for you via inter-library loan.


Please read at least Paletta's book before you buy any more livestock. Remember: in saltwater tanks, particularly reefs and *especially* nanos, only bad things happen fast. Slow down, take some time to learn more, and have fun on a relaxed nano schedule for a while.

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Hie all,

Thanks for all the advice. I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Especially from WetWebMedia which features Bob Fenner et. al., on the forum.


It's just that I started off on the wrong foot...stuff like not having a quarantine tank and not choosing the proper lifestock.


I am learning by the day ... an expensive lesson but I too will be a pro one day.


Once again, thanks for all the input !




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sorry to hear about the clown. :( you can try ebay or ubid for the books. i've gotten a couple of pretty good deals from them.

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