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Geranie's 6g AIO

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Greetings !!!



First of all, what Santa Claus brought me .... :)



The tank was builded by my fellow local reefer (PR) and friend Samuel (sammy113), im a huge fan of his buildings and his aquariums. Also he is amazing building diy led fixtures.



From Puerto Rico to Massachusetts (were i live now)



The sketch that sammy113 draw to me before i decide to build the tank.



The Leds



Leds over a 150g cube



The tank



This is going to be a a mix reef of sps lps, zoas and a clown goby. I recently place an order in BRS for 5pounds of pukani and 5 pounds of reef saver live rock. For filtration it will be 1st chamber filter floos, 2nd carbon 3rd gfo and before the returning pump chaeto (maybe). Im planning to do a 2g water change every week with ro/di water. for ato ill be using the jbj ato.


Thanks to sammy113 for the tank and the leds.

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Sam esta echo un mostro!!!!! Eso quedo de show Geranie

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Fresh. Who made those LEDs?

I think it was all made by Sammy.


That's a really nice set up! Best of luck!

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The leds were made by sammy113

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