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4th Annual Western Ohio Reef Club Frag Swap - March 24th 2012

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Click the banner to get the details between now and the swap. Hope to see you there.

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Vendor booth reservation is now open. Same for earlybird hobbyists that would like to reserve a table. Although we have a large venue space is limited. We hit capacity last year and were not able to acomadate everyone so don't miss out. To reserve first check the blueprint here, pick your booth number and email it to Mike at worcreeffragswap@gmail.com. Yellow tables are earlybird and blue are vendors.


This years raffle grand prize is a 60 LED Orphnek lighting system donated by Gerbers Saltwater Warehouse.


Fragswapper will be open in a couple weeks. In the meantime start fragging those corals so they will be healthy when the swap rolls around.

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Frag Swappper is up. www.fragswapper.com


Some great vendors plan to be in attendance at the frag swap. Here is the current list with more in the works.


Coral Ranch | Tidal Gardens | Funny Fish Aquatics | Buckeye Field Supply | Marine Solutions












Many companies have generously donated to the raffle. We have received a EcoRay 60D lighting system from Gerbers Saltwater Warehouse.




Aqua Ultraviolet donated this nice Saltwater compatible ultraviolet system




LED from Aquatic Life




To see a complete listing of raffle items, swap information or floor plan visit www.worcreef.org

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Bring your sunglasses because PolypWorld will be attending the swap and bringing their crazy hot corals.




For one lucky winner Sunshine Systems has donated one of their 90w LED lights to our Raffle. They sport Dual power switches and dual power cords allowing actinics and whites to be controlled independently.



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Added Infinite Aquatics to the Vendor list, only a few more spots left.




FS.png Hobbyists have begun to start loading corals and equipment on FragSwapper. The best deals usually go within hours of their listing, may want to check it out daily so you don't miss out.




ORA and Rapid LED have kindly donated some really nice items for the raffle this year. From T-shirts to complete LED DIY Kit.



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How the Raffle works

At the swap there will be a staging area with several tables setup. The raffle items will be displayed on the tables along with a collection cup next to each item. Place your raffle tickets in the collection cups for the items you wish to win. The raffle tickets can be purchased at the swaps entrance where you pay admittance fee. When the raffle has started someone will mix up the tickets in the collection cup and blindly select one. If it is yours you win that item. The more tickets purchased the better your chances of winning and there is no limit to the number of items you can win. However you must be present to win.


How To Get 3 Free Raffle Tickets

In addition to purchasing raffle tickets you can obtain free tickets for posting items for sale on Fragswapper. For every three unique items you post; you will receive one free raffle ticket up to a maximum of 3 free tickets. Your tickets will be waiting for you when you arrive. Just tell the cashier your Fragswapper email address


Note: One unique item on fragswapper no matter how many quantity counts as one item. Swap vendors are excluded from receiving free raffle tickets.

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With the swap only 3.5 weeks away Fragswapper is getting some nice corals listed each day. Here a few pics of corals that are available.

Visit and Register here to see all the listings and reserve your gem before someone else does.




Orphek sent us some really nice donations for the raffle.

2 Orphek ML-T5 24"

2 Orphek PR-T5 36"



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Here are some more great shots of what is available for pre-sale on Fragswapper. Most will only bring corals that are reserved so don't miss out. Go to www.fragswapper.com and register for WORC organization then click on and register for 4th annual frag swap and select listings to see what else is there.




Like last year we are doing full grill again. Loaded 1/3 pound steak burgers and 1/4 pound hot dogs, side items, deserts and ice cold soft drinks.





For the latest updates visit www.worcreef.org

For additional information email Mike at info@worcreef.org

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Added two more Vendors. Coral Pets and Reef Tools. Only two spots left.







Plenty of early bird spots open. Contact info@worcreef.org if you are intrestead in one.


Bulk Reef Supply donated a five stage RO/DI system, Deluxe BRS Reactor & half gallon of GFO to the raffle


This week their was quite a few pieces of equipment added and many new corals on fragswapper.





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Just posted 3 bottles of phytoplankton on Fragswapper. If you ever considered growing it yourself this is a great starter culture.



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We’ve added (2) top notch vendors to venues already impressive list


paradisecorals.jpg mad4tanks.jpg


Registration for both Vendors and Early Bird Specials closes 3/17. Visit www.worcreef.org for details


FragSwapper is getting hot, excellent corals and dry goods at outstanding prices with more being added daily.

If you haven’t visited FragSwapper yet, you may want to sign up and register (not required to participate at the event) for the event so you don’t miss out on any great pre-sale deals.

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We are T-9 days until the swap. Hope everyone is as excited as we are.


Today we received a gift bag for every attendee of the swap; courtesy of Dr Fosters and Smith. It includes a $20 Gift Certificate, Instant Oceans latest Marine Blend Food and PH Buffer. Literature including a nice 2012 calendar.



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Just added - Pacific East Aquaculture.


Here is the line up.


Buckeye Fields Supply

Coral Pets

Coral Ranch

Funny Fish Aquatics

Infinite Aquatics

Marine Solutions


Pacific East Aquaculture

Paradise Coral

Polyp World

Reef Tools

Tidal Gardens

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As many of you have found FragSwapper has been having time out and slow page response issues since Friday evening. Fizz (Site Owner/Administrator) has confirmed it is a host problem that may not be resolved until Monday. When I hear it is back available I will let you know or if anyone finds it working please let us know. Thanks

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Doors open at noon for general admission, and the raffle starts at 3:00. The address is 313 S. JEFFERSON DAYTON, OHIO 45402.


We are expecting an excellent turnout. Most of the live stock vendors have made special orders with their suppliers to bring in the most exotic and colorful corals.


Orpnek wanted me to let you know they are going to be bringing a bunch of inventory with some unbelievable pricing…. Here are a few items that will be available


DIF30 Blue

DIF30 18000k

DIF50 18000k

DIF100 Blue




They will also have a limited stock of slimlines, Mostly 48” and 60” daylight or moonlights and a couple of 36”. Also some 48” T8 LED in daylight or moonlight……


AND the BEST..... 3 of their NILUS units for a really special deal!!!!!



Just like any other swap the first half hour will be a madhouse with people rushing through the door anxious to get set up and treasure hunting. Please be patient as everyone settles in.


Don't forget to print off your checklist from fragswapper.


Lastly but not least here is the final swap layout




Hope everyone has a great time. See you tomorrow!

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I never imagined that we would ever fill such as massive facility. Thank you to all the Hobbyists, Vendors and Earlybirds for coming out and supporting WORC. It was a great day. Here are a few shots for those that couldn't make it this year.








































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