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Refugium/no Refugium?


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Ok, this is my first nano and my second foray into reef keeping after a 10 year absence. Here is my proposed setup:


SeaClear 30 Gallon Tall aquarium 24x12x24

175 Watt ReefSun Metal Halide 10000k bulb

2 150 GPH maxi-jet powerheads.


Here is my question, should I put a refugium in a sump, or just use live rock and sand as a filter. I plan on adding 40 lbs of liverock and and about 30 lbs of aragonite sand.


Any comments, suggestions?

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the refugium's technically supposed to be a zooplankton generator. you could grow caulerpa in the sump or main (if you like the look) to export organics. it doesn't necessarily have to be in the refugium.


i'm an advocate of deep sand beds but some don't recommend it at all. i think everyone universally recommends live rock but that's also an optional choice in reality (a caribbean sea grass ecosystem for instance). calculate your livestock's requirements and that'll point the way.


welcome back to the hobby! ;) i'm still trying to get my bro back into it from a 18 year hiatus!

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