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the diffrence between purple tech and purple up


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"Purple Tech" is made by Kent.


"Purple Up" is made by Carib Sea.


Different brands, same snake oil product. They utilize aragonite in a half hazard attempt to bring alkalinity up and provide coralline algae with calcium and buffering capability. Truth is, aragonite cannot be made available to the tank unless the pH is significantly lower than what is acceptable in a Reef (everything would be dead). Hence why we use calcium reactors on aragonite to break it down to make it available for the tank.


http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1963413 See this thread for more information

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sorry boys but i disagree in some aspects regarding the caribsea purple up, i have used it and it does indeed promote faster pink and purple coraline algae growth but the kent marine stuff is just a waste of money.  now from using it myself and what i guess the fine aragonite in purple up does NOT dissolve ( if it did then it would do it in the bottle).  i am of a firm believer that what it actually is is a find aragonite dust that has dried up white coraline on it or just coraline algae dust and this seeds and otherwise purple less tank.


i have in the past also taken coraline algae residue off of dry tanks ( you know the white calcerous stuff left on glass tanks when you break them down and let them dry), crubled it to a fine powder, mixed it with some tank water and poured it in, if your parameters are correct for coraline algae growth then just seeding it with some coraline algae from a donor tank will do the same thing problem is i find it easier to aquire caribsea purple up than donor coraline algae LOL

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