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Cultivated Reef WOWS us again!

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Last week, our club received our second group buy, from Cultivated Reef! We were amazed, the first time we did our group buy. The first time around, we received A LOT of great looking and healthy corals. A few days after our first order, one of the members started noticing some slight tissue loss, on one of his corals. Well, Cultivated Reef replaced that coral, on last weeks order!! Not only that, the member had been able to save his coral, so now has two!


This time around, we were even more amazed! Corals were all shipped to my home. I had 22 bags floating, for 5 club members! Corals were polyping out, IN THE BAGS.


Thank you so much, for an exceptional group buy. Communication was excellent. Cultivated Reef's customer service is ABOVE AND BEYOND!

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You know what "they" say???


Pics or it didn't happen! :D

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