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Coral Vue Hydros

My glass box @ 2 years


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another question since you seem to have avoided a problem i am having


you have alot of SPS but also some LPS. In my tank my SPS are quite happy with the status quo but my LPS are rather pissed that theyre limbs are being pulled off...as a result my LPS are quite healthy, but have grown much smaller (to minimize their area "in the wind").


so what pumps do you use?


any hints for making both happy?


I run 1 MP10 @ 65%-75% w/night mode left side 5" below the surface shooting across the tank & 1- korellia 2 right side off the front glass 3" below the surface. I feel that random flow is much better than just blasting the SPS. When the MP10 ramps up my LPS get a moving! Just not for a extended period.


Run a good skimmer, feed your fish for SPS and Spot feed your LPS to keep them happy. Also try to move your LPS to a more shelterd spot

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This is how I keep my GSP from taking over. WINNER Hammer Coral




Digi kinda out of control




Trumpet coral



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Wow awesome man. Your tank really sucks up that much to use 150ml a day?


Yep every day. 150ml Alk 150ml Cal.

I've had to break off some huge 5x3" pieces of monti cap. It just grows to fast. I do manual dosing and it's getting to be a drag.

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