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My salty Fluval Edge

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Hiya :)


I thought I'd post my EDGE here as so many others have done to show how wonderful these little tanks are :)



Standard HOB filter, with standard Fluval EDGE filter sponge, Polyfilter sponge, and Sipromax bio-balls

Fluval Hydor THEO 25w heater

Koralia Nano flow pump

2 MR11 12smd LED bulbs

2 30-LED Blue LED strip bars

3kg various LR



1 Green Star Polyp colony

1 Green Zoa Colony

1 Rusty fluffy Mushroom

1 Cleaner Shrimp

2 Nassarius Snails

1 Turbo Snail

1 Dwarf Blue Hermit

1 Yellow Clown Goby


The tank's been running nearly a month and a half, here's all the pictures condensed from the start. Only other stock plans are corals and possibly an Occelaris Clown.

I'm also looking for possible lighting upgrades.











































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Great livestock choice for this!

I am a little worried about the Super tongan Nassarius snails though. They are very large and too big for small tanks like this. They are mostly used in larger systems of 30 gallons or more. These nas snails eat a lot and easily starve in a small tank if you do not feed them a few times a week.

I originally started my 3 gal pico with one of those big super tongan nassarius and fed it around once every week. this was not enough for it and after about 3-4 months in my pico it died, most likely of starvation. The smaller nassarius vibex are way more suited for your tank . they are better at finding smaller food and are just more proportioned to a small tank. I suggest your replace the big nas with the smaller species. two of nassarius vibex would be good for your tank.


One more thing I noted is that you have a different kind of GSP than most people have. That type in your tank, does it have flesh-colored skin and polyp base with a purple interior of the skin? The flesh-colored GSP (the polyps themselves are still metallic green like all GSP) is way more whiny and sensitive to light and water conditions. It actually died out in my pico(no other coral has done that). Mine probably hated the LED lights i had. But I saved a few fragments and put them in my T5-lit 10 gal nano and it still grows there today. Another difference I noted between this whiny GSP and the regular purple-skinned kind is that this GSP doesnt extend its polyps all the way and tends to have shorter polyps when its in a tank that it doesn't like. I have never seen in my pico the kind of healthy polyps extension it has while its in my 10 gal nano tank. I have no idea why, but my best guess would be a lighting difference or nutrient difference. GSP likes water with some waste it can feed on. I expect it to do better in a tank like yours where there is a fish that is being fed frequently.


Sorry if that was a bit lengthy and if you missed my points, but basically 1. get smaller nassarius species and 2. watch out for the GSP becoming unhealthy.

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Huh.. well whaddya know. I looked it up and my Star Polyps are actually Briareum sp, a type of Encrusting Gorgonian.


They seem to be doing well though, and when I bought them, I was in a crash in the car on the way home and they survived that bump, so they're pretty hardy :)

As for the snails, they frequently munch on algae wafers that the Shrimp doesn't finish, so they get plenty to eat

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Winy GSP= Briareum sp.

NormalGSP= Clavularia sp.


Still I do not recommend two super tongan nas in a tank this small.

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Update; added a finger leather and a tank-bred clown yesterday, both settled in well :)





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Great tank i used to have sum yellow gobies in my last tank there real charaters

Good to see someone else from the uk

good luck with your tank

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updates? nice tank :) that goby is adorable! I couldn't get mine to eat when I had one :(

nice to see another UK reefer on here

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Winy GSP= Briareum sp.

NormalGSP= Clavularia sp.

normal gsp is Briareum as well


Clavularia are 'clove polyps'




edge is lookin real nice :)

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