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Thy Holy Tome of ID Sites


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There doth not seem to be a good list of sites that can be used to identify things on here, so here be a thread for good ID sites, ye seekers of IDs. My sig doth grow too long.


Algae ID Sites

ThomasD's Green Algae List(Translated)

-I ran the site through babelfish, as the original was in French. A good list of various green algae, both ornamental and invasive.


Reef Cleaner's Nuisance Algae ID Guide

-John Maloney never fails us. A good layman's guide to various invasive algae that pop up in our tanks.


Dasycladales Photo Atlas

-This is the best damn guide to Dasycladales algae I've found on the 'net. A must read for anyone wanting to ID a green macroalgae and for macro-keepers in general.

Comprehensive ID Sites

Saltcorner's Species Library

-One of the most informative and comprehensive sites I've come across. If the animal/plant/protist can be found in your tank, it's probably somewhere on this site.


Melev's Reef Visual ID Index

-The saint of online reefkeeping info brings us this excelent visual guide to various critters found in our tanks. The pest section is quite handy.


Chuck's Addiction(click "Articles")

-Excellent site for identifying things, and one of the more well known sites that's often linked to.


Wet Web Media's Articles&FAQs Index

-Might take a bit of searching, but truckloads of information can be found on WWM on just about anything related to keeping aquariums.


Fishlore's Saltwater Index

-A small but occasionally useful site with photos of several common inhabitants.


Creepy Critters

Chuck's Addiction Hitchhiker Guide

-Chuck's hitchhiker guide. If it squirms, crawls, or slithers it'll probably be in here. Be sure to investigate before you decide to flush something!


Nano-Reef's Ultimate ID Thread

-Here's a weird little page that no one checks. I'd advise one to take a look over it before posting up an ID request :)


RECIF Hermit Crab ID Page

-Originally posted by lakshwadeep; a very nice page loaded with different high quality photos of various hermit crab species. Page is in French but the Latin names are universally the same.


Greg & Renee Hix's ID Page

-Another page with excellent photographs of several common hitchhikers.



Chuck's Addiction Coral ID Page

-Excellent overview of various coral groups.


Coralpedia's Gallery Of Named Corals

-Before you ask how if your Atomic Hitler Nipple zoanthids are actually Hare Lipped Batman palys, be sure to check with this site for various coral trade names.


Karen's Rose Anemones

-An excellent resource for anyone looking into bubble-tip anemones. If you can overlook the poor formatting the site is very informative.


Actiniaria's Anemone Species List

-A good visual library of different anemones and corallimorphs. be sure to note the native location of the anemones though; chances are that even if it looks similar to yours, if it's found in Norway it's probably not what you're looking for.


Atlas of Caribbean Corals

-One of the best sites out there for images of Caribbean corals. A lot of little LPS and SPS corals pop up on aquacultured Florida rock, so your coral might be found somewhere on here.




-Excellent database on fish from across the world, though occasionally lacking some good images.


Doctors Foster&Smith Marine Fish Index

-Foster and Smith's list of various fish species. Remember that they're selling you something though, so be sure to check on our fish forum if you're buying something you're not completely sure about.


If you have any other good sites in mind, post 'em here!

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