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Blue Moon Aquatics LED


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PROS-The fixture looks very nice (small and light weight) and it runs very cool. CONS-Blue Moon Aquatics doesn't answer e-mails and it's the only way to contact them. -The smallest unit isn't even bright enough to grow soft corals in a 12" frag system.

I would not recommend this product to my friends.

average customer rating (only 2 reviews) is one star..while i don't have personal experience with them it looks like its a no go..if the price is too good to be true then it probably is..

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ive seen this unit personally, and at 180, thats not bad.. i remember them selling for closer to 300-400 i think, it definateley beats the marineland reef capable

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1w LED's, so the PAR is going to be a little weak. It depends on what you want to keep in the tank, but anything requiring high lighting will not work under this light.


BoostLED and Mu owners tend to disagree with you. B)

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Similar, but different. There are dozens of variations on that design, with different LED quantities, colors, qualities, drive currents (or constant voltage for some - ick!), and heatsink designs. That one does actually perform worse than the BoostLED Mu series, by quite a bit.

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