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Slick's 10G beginner nano

slick willie

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slick willie

my first steps into a great hobby.


AC 20 containing live rock crumble and a sponge

Koralia 240 nano

jager 50w heater

aquabeam 600 duo (marine blue/ reef white) LED strips

13lbs live rock, 10 lbs live sand 1"-2"

CUC- 6 astrea, 2 cerith, 3 blue leg hermit, striped serpent starfish (waldo), ??? asterina stars



hawaian feather duster

colt coral (i think. im not sure exactly)

incoming frags from a friend- egale eye, pink birds nest, blue shroom, toadstool, frog spawn



2 F. percula clowns (clementine and rupert)

royal gramma (archie)


this tank has been running and slowly upgrading for a little over 3 months. in about a year i plan on putting it in a 20g to keep the growing fish happy. this is my first tank and i have had incredible luck.



nitrite -0


alk- 11dkh

ph- 8.3

temp- 78

SG- 1.025

dosing- alkalin 8.3, purple up, zoo-plankton, 10% weekly water change








comments/ suggestions welcome

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