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Does the Rapid LED DIY come with instructions?


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I am looking at doing a LED fixture for my Solana. I have a 24" 250 MH with 4 t-5 and moonlights right now. I was looking for something that I can keep anything I want, given space in my tank. I know the 250 is more than enough but I may move the 250 to the 90 gallon I just bought. How many LED would I need...12 or 24? Do the Rapid LED DIY come with directions?

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24 I would imagine. Make sure u get the right heatsink. I'm not sure if they have specific instructions but you can always search the forums or start a thread with your q's. There's quite a few ppl with solana's and many of them have leds.


I find youtube is also a good resource as there are a few builds on there that use rapid's kits. Getting to see it "live" or whatever really helps vs just pictures.

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