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One of my clowns splashed the glass lens on my buddies JBJ K2 Viper HQI that I am using right now until my new fixture arrives. I ordered a replacement lens last week and paid via paypal. The funds were immediately sent. I have not received an email confirmation of shipment with a tracking number. I have called many times and sent many emails with no response. In the meantime, I have a piece of glass commonly used in a work light strapped to the fixture with copper strands from electrical wire. I know this is not good but I could not find anything else that could handle the heat and I assumed that since the shipping was almost half the cost of the light that it was be here by now.


Here is the link to the site I ordered it from: http://www.jbjnanocubes.com/contents/en-us/contactus.html


According to the site, they have great customer service.

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If I recall, when I ordered my glass I think I had sent an email or two even to them and not heard back after several days. I ended up just calling them.... once I had a real live person on the line it all went well. She took the order, gave her the CC info and my glass was here in like 3 days.

I just don't think they are on top of the email thing... wondering how many they get in a day... guess would be like a lot!


I know in an age of basically instant communication a few days seems like an eternity but I'm sure they'll come through with the glass for you. I know when I did call I was told that they go through a lot of these shields, she put me on hold and came back and said, AH! you're in luck... we have a new shipment coming in tomorrow! It would be nice if they could keep their website updated with quantities on hand but I have come to expect less and less from just about any vendor(s) anymore.



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You do realize that the site you linked to is NOT JBJ, but a reseller, right?


Sort of thought that after a while. That being said, JBJ should sell replacement parts for their products on their own site. It is kind of confusing though being that the sight is jbjnanocubes.com!


I finally got an email from them today. They provided me with a tracking number. Unfortunately, it is going to take 6 days (not including the weekend) to get here.

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