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B/W clown feeding time


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BC14 with two young tank-raised black + white clowns. No other fish but I do have 9 hermits. The LFS suggested frozen mysis shrimp as well as New Life Spectum pellets. I thaw the shrimp in a small cup of tank water, then add a couple at a time. My clowns ignore most of it, spit some out and eat a little. I'd say that 80 pct goes uneaten. They devour the New Life pellets like crazy. Should I keep up w the frozen shrimp? Any other thoughts? Thanks.

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My clown won't eat mysis. Only brine (which has less nutritional value, I guess it's like a cookie to them *shrug*) and flake. I did try soaking the mysis in garlic extract, as some claim it's an appetite enhancer.. never made a difference.


He also likes to pick at little bits of cyclopeeze as it floats about.


Try a bunch of different stuff, stick with a variety of what they like.

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mine liked flakes. you can go for pretty much any meat stuf, any meaty flakes w/e. They probably won'te eat tang type stuff, but everything else is fair game.



fed mine once a day. feed to saturation for breeding but otherwise w/e (mine went and had babies)).

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Mine go nuts for mysis, freeze dried cyclop eeze, and formula one flakes and pellets. I usually rotate every time I feed (every other day) but I am more particular to the flakes.

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mine will eat pretty much anything... brine (frozen and live), pods, mysis, flakes, pellets.


i feed 3x a week and alternate btwn PE mysis and a combo of formula 1 and formula 2 flakes (i want them to get some greens in their diet). i tend to feed the flake more often.

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