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Pod Your Reef

Please Help Identify this Tagalong!


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So, I am setting up my first nano reef in a new Biocube 14.


A few days ago I loaded it with love sand/rock.


I noticed something that my limited experiance makes me think it is an


anemone. If so, it appears to be very young. I am hopeing that someone


can tell me a name.



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Backwerds Man

I personally pump them full of lemon juice with a hypodermic needle. Works good for me. the hard part is getting the needle into its flesh and givin it the goods before it retracts. Aim for the base, stab, squeeze.


If done right, it'll shrivel up and never return.

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Thanks for the info, as these are commonly thought as of pets, and I do not really want to deal

with them later on. What would be the best way to remove the problem?

pets? lol... i think you meant pests

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lol I did indeed mean to type pests, thanks for the spell check!

any time pal.. i was just clarifying for any noobs who might think you were an idiot :P

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Backwerds Man
Boil some water and add the rock for a minute or so.


Holy overkill batman!



That won't kill the "live" part of the live rock?


Yes, it will... dont do that.

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From someone who should have stock in aptasia-x and the like, boil it. The absence of aptasia are one of the biggest advantages to buying dry rock.

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Backwerds Man
The absence of aptasia are one of the biggest advantages to buying dry rock.


It's temporary safety though. Unless you plan on adding nothing but that dry rock to your tank. Any aiptasia I've gotten has came in on frags.


Maybe I'm just lucky, but I don't get why some people on here act like aiptasia is some sort of black plague. I've always been able to get rid of any that popped up with minimal effort. Sure, if you are lazy and let them infest your tank before getting off your ass to do something about it, it's going to be a major pita. But, I'll gladly fight off a few aiptasia in exchange for a rock teaming with inverts, sponges, and macros.

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It's not the infestation that gets me, My 58 has had many peppermint shrips, Ive gone through several bottles of aptasia x, kalk, and several other name brand products. however just the other day I had a few branches dye off of my fav acro, couln't tell until I got it out of water but there was a small aptasia on it. I haven't added a coral(other than a fresh cut frag) in 6 mo.

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