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anybody post about a SWC Mini HOT Hang on Protein Skimmer?


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Hi guys,

Looking to set up my 40 gallon breeder, i am not going to go the sump option to much trouble..i am going HOB, i was looking at the MCE 600, and this


I have used the MCE 600, the thing was used, did not preform well.

I am looking for a quiet skimmer for a bedroom tank, this is where the tank will be...

Is the swc great, and is it quiet? If not what would be another option? Should i try

the deltec again, but get it new?

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yea im wondering the same.. I think im going to purchase the mini HOT mainly because its under $200 and not a $600 mce600. From what I've read -- and this is just googling and reading random forums -- The mce 600 is THE hob skimmer to get. SWC has an XTREME hob skimmer which is apparently comparable and really what gives the name to HOB skimmers. The mini hot is still 'newish' but has a great design as its SWC, and for the ~$200 range its the better if not best HOB skimmer.


I'll be tagging along here to see what everyone else says. Best of luck to you

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