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UK Version of an Aqua Controller


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Looking for a decent Aqua Controller that will work with my plugs in London, England. Neptune Apex Controller etc appears to be only US based, having trouble finding a stockist.


Needs to control ATO, measure salinity and tempeture as well as publish to the web.


Any recomendations including importing welcome.

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Why not get a north american style socket for your home, or better yet, get a socket adapter



Well UK mains is 230V 50Hz, not 115V 60Hz. This is likely not a problem as the controller itself will be DC powered and supplied with a power supply. Like laptops, this will likely be a multivoltage switching supply which should work with anything from 100 to 240V and at 50 or 60 Hz. You may simply be able to replace the power chord. If it is US voltage only, a suitable power supply couldbe found for £20 or so.


The switching power bars however could be more of an issue. Firstly, you would need lots of US to UK socket adapters for the pumps/heaters etc. Also, UK plugs are larger then US plugs and with the adapters you may block some of the sockets in the power bar. Perhaps of more concern could be the design of the relays used for switching the power sockets. These could well be not be rated for 230V switching.


Much safer to stick with European products. The European sockets are larger than the US sockets and with Euro to UK adapters you may not block the other sockets. There would also be no need to worry about voltage ratings of the relays in the powerbar. Chudders, you may be able to save some money by buying the controller from a German online store and just sourcing any power bars in the UK. This would get rid of the need for socket adapters.




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