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Big HOB skimmer on a 10 gallon


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I am currently cycling my first SW tank (10 gallon), I am planning on getting some soft corals and probably a tank bred clown and some shrimp. Currently I have a HOB filter attached to it with filter floss mechanical filtration.


I recently remembered that i have a large surface skimmer in the closet that was included with a 75 gallon stand that i bought off of craigslist awhile back.


This is the model


Would this be useful on this tank instead of the filter, it is rated up to 75 gallons so it is definitely overkill but that could be good right?


thanks for the help.

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personally I wouldn't even use a skimmer. your bioload isn't THAT much and your softies don't need super clean water. Just keep up with your water changes and u'll be fine.


Adding more equipment just means more things could fail. but I mean if you have it... you could use it if u wanted.

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You don't really need a skimmer on that small of a tank. It would look pretty ugly IMO. I would stick with the HOB filter and water changes.

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The other thing to consider is that I am pretty sure the Remora is going to be taller than the tank.

AKA : No way to hang it on the back unless the tank is right on the back edge of a table or stand or something.

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thansk for the responses guys, I guess I was thinking that it could only help with maintaining the water quality so why not (aesthetics aside) use it and it would increase the total volume of water in my system. It actually fits quite nicely on the side of the tank, not so much a HOB unit as a SRBT (standing right beside the tank) unit...


I guess I will leave it in my closet for now, and use it when I inevitably upgrade to a larger tank.

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