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Thanks for all the well wishes we received over the last week. Both I and Jeff are recovering well after last week's car accident. For the most part we were able to keep up with demand through this ordeal. We didn't have tracking numbers for the shipments that went out last week and some emails received while I was getting some procedures were delayed, but for the most part we made it through. I am still on bed rest, but have been able to answer emails since the anesthesia wore off, and emails are getting answered just as fast as ever, if not faster than normal.


We would like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding through this matter, especially to those whose orders were delayed, or didn't have the benefit of tracking. As a token of our thanks, we would like to offer a discount to your friends who didnt have to put up with the delays and will receive fast and accurate service. Sounds strange, but that is how it goes, you can always place a 2nd order if you wish.


From now until Friday 18th 11:59pm use the code "10percent" to receive 10% off any livestock order. Use the model name of the car pictured below to receive 15% off, the code will just be the model name, not the make and model or anything like that etc... So in my dream world the car below would be a "Expedition", not a "Ford", or a "Ford Expedition" etc..




As always the rules regarding sales apply:


* No Retroactive Discounts

* No Rainchecks

* Rock Excluded

* Quick Crews under 30 Gallons excluded

* Group Buys Excluded


Thanks again for bearing with us through all this mess! The only lasting effect of this now is that we won't have any items that arent on the site for at least 2 months, but in the coming weeks you should begin to see more and more diversity on the site, and will likely see more shipping days and generally faster service and perhaps better pricing.

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Very happy to hear!


I was planning on emailing you 2 days ago about the rock but I haven't gotten a chance. You should get one tomorrow! :)

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It took a lot of google image searching... But if those are standard rims, I'm pretty sure I win.


edit- saved 22 bucks. Thanks dude!

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WOW! It looks like you shipped it with USPS!!



that is sig worthy. lol... classic


glad you got it kgoldy!


hint - chevy isnt the only make of this light suv.


thanks brandolando!

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thank you, good to be back and at it. except that i drew the short straw today and i have to clean tanks...damn those buckets got heavy in my absence. lol.....

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