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New 3 Gallon Picotope


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I noticed today that I have some foamy/bubble stuff floating where the water comes out of my filter/pump. My tank has been up and running since beginning of Feb, but just recently added one zoanthid coral about a week ago, along with some snails. I also have live rock and live sand too... I tested everything (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH and sg) last night and everything looks good. Any thoughts??


pH: 8.2

sg: 1.025

ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates 0 ppm

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Sounds normal. Next water change take a few paper towels and absorb some of the water from the surface. That will most likely take care of it until more scum builds up on the surface again.


I'll move this to the beginners forum, since it has absolutely nothing to do with a coral of any kind.

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