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Fiction's 25g Solana


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Looks good fic...Are you going to keep this one?


Good Question. Hopefully I can keep it going for the rest of the yr. :unsure:

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I got first dibs when you do sell it. Lol jk looks good.


lol thanks. :D






I just installed a phoenix bulb and it looks very similar to the 20k ushio, very blue. Evil's sunpod actinics aren't even noticeable with this bulb running.

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Drift Monkey

Damn you've literally switched 3 tanks since I last was here fiction! I had a lot of catching up to do! :lol:


I'm back again, starting my 3g Picotope back up again...I'll def be following this tank!


Good to see you're still around man!

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Hey fiction, is this the superbrite version of the 25g Solana?


It's the Ecoxotic version, but I don't believe there are any differences.


This has been a great investment so far.


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It's looking nice man. The pheonix would drown out my actinics big time but I got good growth and pe with it. Let us know it does for you.

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can you tell me what type of glass this tank is made out of?


regular glass? low-iron? starfire?


No clue, just ask ecoxotic.

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Nice! Could you possibly send me a link as to where you got that RO/DI? Thanks!


It's the 5 stage plus from bulkreefsupply. :)

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Lookin' good fic...surprised you still have this one...:lol:


lol I was about to give up on it, but the ro/di unit saved it! :)

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