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14g bc media basket quesions.


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As it says i have a few questions about the media basket. First off tanks been running 2 months, currently has a xenia, 7 red mushrooms, two zoa frags, one of the Zoa frags also has a neon green leather in the center of it, and cuc. All params are consistently spot on,with nitrate staying <5. Currently I'm just running the stock cube with exceptio n of chamber 1 floor removed, filter floss on top tray of second chamber, koralia nano 240 power head in display. Enough about that on to the media basket. So I ordered from in-tank the media basket for my bc. Questions are this, how do I got about installing in a system that's up and running, and should I wait to install till I have light and can run chaeto in the lower level? I couldn't afford both at once after the amount I have spent in the past two months. Now if it would be beneficial I could swing the chemi-pure and purigen plus I already have the floss. Any info will be greatly appreciated as this is my first ever aquarium.

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if you have the bioballs in carefully remove them a little bit at a time. take them all out at once and your tank runs the risk of recycling hard.


the chemipure etc. might be a good idea while youre taking out the bioballs. might allow you to take out a bit more at a time. but I would keep a close eye on params, keep water handy if you need to do small daily water changes etc.

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So I started removing the bio balls tonight. I pulled about 4 out this evening. I'm think since the funds just dont allow the light right now I am going to go with the chemi pure elite in the bottom purigen in 2 and floss up top. I'm sure that will help with keeping the water in excellent condition. When I can afford the light I will pull the purigen and replace with chaeto. It'll prob be a month before I can go the other route so I may as well benefit from the media basket in anyway I can. It appears there are many people only running the purigen and chemi pure anyway so it must be a proven method. Wish I had some more replies here from people that have used this method so I have a little more to go on.

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