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closed system fuge?


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ok imagine this




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the box is made of plexi with a PVC inlet and outlet. water is fed into it from a pump in the tank. a very loose mesh filter on the outlet keeps the cheato from coming out. a light shining through the plexi feeds the cheato. the box could be placed anywhere (and in any orientation) since it is an enclosed system. the PVC bulkheads allow for disassembly.


what do you think? possible?

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hmmm... plumbing isnt my forte but I dont see why this would be a problem. It would make one hell of a display fuge though!


edit: actually you would have to have access to it somehow as the chaeto would quickly get unruly...

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right well for that the bulkheads come out, you can rip out some cheato, clean the plexi etc. etc.


the pump goes off, the bulkheads come out (the bulkheads have to be big, like at least 3"-4"), do what you need, reassemble and go

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Hrmm, I guess, in that system it could work, but you would slowly lose head pressure over time in your fuge.

I think from a construction standpoint the hang on tank fuges are probably easier.


A good way to test it out would be shining a light on a media reactor, but filling the reactor half full of cheato.


In fact I have one of those on a table right now. Off to test :)

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any other ideas? my inspiration is that I have my BC on a desk and I dont have any shelves above it, putting the fuge above the tank or next to it is out of the question and I like the idea of not forcing pods through a pump that may turn them into bio-goo.

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Sounds like a pain to clean and maintain


That and you're going against regular open fuges that have worked forever

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you're going against regular open fuges that have worked forever




So I guess everyone should go back to under gravel filters since they "worked forever" . I say try it and see how it works for you. This hobby would have died long ago if everyone was affraid to try something new. Keep us updated on your findings.

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