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Using "Nite-Out II" instead of MicroBacter7?


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I am thinking about dipping my toes in the vodka pool.....and yes, I have read all the standard/bible articles out there on the topic. Plus tons of first hand experiences on tons of forums. I pretty much Googled carbon dosing and read all I could.


For those of you who dose bacteria along with your vodka, do you see an issue with using something like "Nite-Out II" instead of the classically recommended "MicroBacter7" ? I just wonder about the apparent brand loyalty since most articles/threads I read where someone is dosing bacteria, it always seems to be MicroBacter7 and never any other product.


On the other hand, it seems like half the successful people out there are not even dosing bacteria to begin with. They are relying on the tank to produce its own base stock for multiplication. So I am already aware that the bacteria dosing is not even a required component for success. It seems like more of an insurance policy so that cyano and other nasty bacteria has to battle what you are dosing for the carbon.


Reading the corporate hype about each product seems to end up saying that each reduces organics by way of bacteria. MicroBacter7 does go on to claim to deal with phosphates, but I assume that is just the company boasting about their product more than the "Nite-Out" folks do?

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This is a good question, I hope someone more knowledgeable than I chimes in with a well thought out response.

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Not even the Germans seem to have an answer :o . I went to the trouble of translating some online threads that seemed promising, but no luck. If the Germans don't have an answer when it comes to vodka dosing.....then it is a lost cause! ;)

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I tried to get all technical by trying to find the patents for MicroBacter7 to see what they claim to use versus other brands. No luck.


I think I am going to go with the school of thought that claims.....


" All of the various name brand bacterial cultures are generally the same strains. Some just have additional stuff in there as well such as MicroBacter7's "natural enzymes". "


I figure anything is better than nothing when it comes to dosing bacteria to out compete cyano and dinoflagellates.

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This is a good question, I hope someone more knowledgeable than I chimes in with a well thought out response.


Since it would be nice for this to be documented if people have the same question I did....


How about a quote of a conversation someone had with Chris Brightwell....the Brightwell in "Brightwell Aquatics" (maker of MB7).


"OK, I got a reply from Chris Brightwell. Seems like a nice guy. Of course the formula is proprietary, but he alluded to the fact that it's got both, "The microbial strains that are active and most efficient in oxidizing ammonia and nitrite, in reducing nitrate and bacteria that remineralize dissolved and particulate latent organic material ".


So....that seems to indicate that MB7 is essentially the same strains that everyone else is selling.


I found that in a thread that is getting at what I was asking. Pretty good read....


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That quote sounds a little suspicious since ammonia/nitrite/nitrate-using bacteria are already found in live rock. Even the nitrogen cycle article in the library lists the genera most likely to do nitrification/denitrification.

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Ohh I agree. It is silly that any company tries to keep their "recipe" secret. Not like anyone is breeding their own brand specific bacteria that somehow is superior to what is in nature. My original question was more along the lines of if they were using something drastically different than the competitors. Something that would work better for vodka dosing than the other brands. It seems like they are not any different and all the brand loyalty I read about was just people copying each other.

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