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best place to buy corals?


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So my goals are to find:


a great ricordia, the stuff at coral morphologic looks A-mazing


a nice acro/milli (any finger or branching SPS) lots are nice, just want one nice looking and not super expensive/rare or anything as its my first SPS


a nice plate monti to start growing out on a rock somewhere



if there is a good one stop shop then that would be perfect...but if need be I can order from different places

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Check sponsors. If you want rics with in a one stop shop I'd go with reefgardener first but price can be higher, then check mr corals $10 section sometimes has ricsordeas but sways has some Sps and bung of others. My personal favorite place to order from is cultivated reef as we are in the same state, but his prices are great as well as exelent service. Oh, and I always ended up getting a bit more than i ordered. Bought a some Sps from him and he nearly doubled the size of the green slimer frag.

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For the corals you mentioned, I also agree www.reefgardener.net is a great place and Morgan gets an A+ with customer service.

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Mr.Coral.com -is cheap all $10 frags,sps's,zoas,acans,chalices,softies ect ect. ( I have ordered over 15 frags from these guys,and in store is crazy )


PacificEastAquaculture.com -has phenomenal frags for pretty good prices. They have a $15 section.


Petsoltions.com - Is pretty good. Cheap frags and shipping.


Worldwidecorals.com - PHENOMENAL !!! Especially if you're in store & Florida ,the shop is down right sexy lol.

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I like getting mine from local reefers. Try the local forums on Reef Central or even Craigslist has some good deals. A good example is that I picked up a 3 1/2" colony of Bazooka Joe yesterday for $220 from a local getting out of the hobby. Another is I bought a 40 polyp colony of Nightmares for $175 from R2R forums last week. If your buying from the forums check out their feedback or ask them if they have any. I prefer to swing by and check out the locals tanks and to see how the corals look in person. Generally picking up aquacultured pieces from other reefers definitely has it's price advantages and the fact that they're all aquacultured. However, good online retailers are also a plus or LFS's.

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Yes you cant go wrong with coral morphalogic they have great stuff with good prices! I have ordered from them many times and never have had an issue.

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