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non-profit plug?


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some friends of mine have started a non-profit ocean conservation organization. mostly focusing on the reefs off of south florida. what is the policy for plugging websites on here? not trying to sell anything. just want to make more people aware, and get the word out. these are serious people with a serious mission. is it cool?

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I came here for non-profit frag plugs. :mellow:



You might pose this question in the site questions forum. If you can't get a clear answer there, you could PM a mod. However, the topic of conservation seems to pop up occasionally; the information should be an appropriate response there. Do a few searches, I remember one not that long ago.

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haha too funny. i just added the site name in my sig. if it is a problem with anyone on here i will remove it.

we're not like other sites... you can do stuff like that here as far as i know. You can also link to other sites, and mention other sites here without repercussions. now if you were making a new thread every ten minutes about it... i would see an issue with that. but mentioning it... its not against the rules as far as I know

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NPO dedicated to protecting our oceans and reefs. They are based out of Pompano Beach, Florida. Preservation and restoration of our local reefs are the main focus at the moment. One of the projects we (i am a diver for them), are currently trying to work on and spread awareness, is the Osborne tire reef off of Fort Lauderdale. In the 70's one million tires were dumped offshore of Ft. Lauderdale to make an artificial reef. The tires proved to be ineffective for growing any type of reeflife. They were left to rot in the ocean. The tires have now been spread out and have started collecting on and choking out what little living reef is left in the area. The website has more information if you want to look at it. The founding members of this group are lifelong divers and marine aquarists(is this even a word?). There are a lot of people in this area that like to act like they care, but sit idly by as the problems grow worse and worse. Blue Water Initiative is just trying to set an example and show someone cares.



that is awesome seabass!



new website in the works, along with some ground breaking news.....

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